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What is an affiliate program and how it works?
An affiliate program is a form of a business collaboration between web-master and an advertiser that's targeting to attract desirable audience of guests that visit advertiser's website. To attract guests to the websites of online casinos you can use different promo-materials: banners, text links, promo-texts, videos, e.t.c. Affiliate program AzartCash offers to it's partners the best conditions to earn income among other programs.
What are the advantages of the afiiliate program AzartCash in comparison with other affiliate programs?
We really do offer the best terms and conditions to our partners.
  • The highest percentage rates — up to 60% revenue share.  
  • 24 hours a day support using icq messenger, skype, e-mail and tickets are always ready to help you.  
  • Periodic payments 2 times a month make the partnership confident and reliable.  
  • Wide selection of promo-materials for high convertation
  • Container games. Opportunity to add games in demo mode directly on a partner's website.
  • Our casinos Frank and Drift use fully licensed games from Microgaming and NetEnt

How legal is a collaboration with you since gambling games are banned in many countries? All of our casinos are registered, licensed and operate only in countries where gambling games are allowed and are completely legal, and have a full package of necessary licenses and certificates. This way no laws are violated.
How much money will I make?
There is no definite answer to this question. Many of our partners make tens of thousands of US dollars a month. It all depends on your level of effort.

Is it possible to create individual terms and conditions for collaboration with you? We are always interested in a collaboration that leaves both sides satisfied. If you have suggestions, you can contact our manager.
What's the regular convertation in an affiliate program?
It's important to remember that regular numbers of conversions in the system are a strictly individual indicator and a theme is playing a strong role here. Best results are shown by the targeted theme traffic from search engines. Good results are shown by entertainment traffic and traffic about earning money online.
I don't have my own website. Can I still work with you?
You can attract visitors to online casino websites by advertising your affiliate link in different advertising/traffic systems. But good to remember that teaser nets don't show very good results because of presence of a big number of BOTs.
Do you accept traffic from doorways?
Yes, we accept doorway traffic.
What are the requirements for the website traffic?
We don't have any requirements. Website traffic can be anything!
How often the payments are made?
By default, the payments are processed automatically twice a month - at the beginning and middle of the month, on the 5th and 20th calendar dates (does not apply to weekends and holidays). The payments are processed for the statement period from the 1st to 15th included (the payment date is on the 20th) and for the statement period from the 16th to 30th(31st) included (the payment date is on the 5th).
In case of the payment date falling on weekend or holiday, the payment will be processed on the next working day. For all new partners, a hold up of funds could be activated for a month.
What kind of payment systems do you use?
You can look information about payment systems here: If you would like to use another financial transactions service, you can discuss it with our manager. Please note, the payment preferences can not be changed 5 days prior to the payment date.
Do you charge a comission?
At the time of withdrawal of funds from an affiliate program the following comissions are withheld. Webmoney: 3% comission for currency conversion in casino + 0.8% standard comission for the transfer. Other payment systems: 3% comission for currency conversion in casino + 1% comission for the transfer. Payment system's comission for deposits (and for some payment systems withdrawals too) for the player can vary from 1% to 7%. Hence, the sums of deposits and withdrawals in affiliate program are corrected at the actual time of deposit/withdrawal of funds from the accounts. The larger part of comission we handle ourselves. For partners payment system's comission will be in the range of 0.5% to 2.5%.
What kind of work schemes are possible in your affiliate program?
You can check it here:
How the negative carry-over works (and what is it)?
We don't carry forward a negative balance to your next statement. Meaning, in the case the players you brought in took out a larger amount in withdrawals than they made in deposits, and your balance became negative, there will be no carry-over of negative balance to the next statement. All negative balances will be cancelled once a month on the 1st calendar date. This makes our affiliate program special, as many other affiliate programs cancel negative carry-overs less often or not at all.
Do I need to make an order for the payment every time?
No, all of the payments are processed automatically by default. There is no need to write any type of inquiries as your profit share will arrive automatically given the payment details you provided.
What's the minimum amount for the payment?
Minimum amount for the payment is $10.
I can not change my payment details. What happened?
In order to protect your financial security, all of the changes in the payment details made five days prior to the payment date will be blocked. Hence, you will be able to add new payment details but won't be able to edit the payment information for your current payment.
Terms and conditions for receiving the payment on time:
  1. Collect the minimum amount for the payment: $10.
  2. Give and confirm the payment details of an e-wallet five days before the payment date.
  3. Make sure that the funds in e-wallet are not exceeding the limit.
Following all of the above points will guarantee that you will get your payment on time.
I received less than the amount stated ready for payment. Why?
At the time of the payment the standard comission is charged of 3% (from the sum of withdrawal funds). The comission is charged for the conversion of funds that are deposited to casino through different payment systems. Also, you need to count in the comission of the payment system you are using to receive funds. For example, Webmoney's comission is 0.8%.
Description of statistics table
Hosts - all of unique guests
CTR - mapping of registrations to unique guests
NewDep - first deposits made by registered players
Players - the amount of active players (only users that played for real money)
Rounds - the amount of rounds played (only rounds played for real money)
AvgDep - Average player's deposit
Deposits - the sum of all players' deposits
Winnings - the sum of all players' withdrawals
Profit - your profit from the players you brought in
What are payment streams?
Payment streams are a way of mesure that show whether players are winning or losing.
Payment stream for every player is calculated using the following formula: the sum of player's bets minus the sum of winnings.
Postive payment stream - the player is losing and you are earning, negative payment stream - the player is winning, you do not earn money.
Earlier you had static banners and rotating banners. What has changed?
We enhanced the system of rotating graphic ads and now all the banners are rotating by default. In case you chose one banner when creating a promo-code, it will rotate a 100% of the time.
Why is it not recommended to drive traffic directly to casinos' websites?
Because many providers have a bad tendency to ban main domains of casinos, poker and other gambling websites, we recommend not to drive traffic directly to the main domains. All of the links that are generated at the creation of promo-materials will direct to the traffic division so that every guest of yours will definitely reach our casinos and complete registration/make a deposit. Domains change from time to time and so we recommend to always use the most fresh ones to the best of your ability.
How to start?
I have my own theme website and I need all of the codes for demo-games plug-in. At the moment you can get a main list of all available for plug-ins demo-games with instructions from the customer support. In the near future the list will be available in category 'Promo'.
I want to place special ads. What do I need to do?
Talk to customer support about any special ads and we will work together on making your wishes come true. Special ads are any kind and size of banners, the so-called 'branding' of the website (changing the top and sides of the banner from the main content), any kind of landing pages and other exclusive things.
Is it true that you make any promo to order for free?
Yes, we try to provide our partners everything we can for their comfort to work with us and make profits. Hence we make to order the following: write unique descriptions of our projects; create unique banners and other graphic design elements; send out news about our brands; create videos and much more.
Prohibited methods of attracting players
We are encouraging any methods or attracting players besides when the partner is in a conspiracy with players or friends, family, or other people related to the partner are being involved. We can quickly and efficiently detect such accounts and 'one-time' registrations and these kind of behaviour on partner's behalf is considered illegal, partner's account will be blocked without a possibility to withdraw money.

Any kind of email spams and fraud registrations are prohibited.
It is prohibited to register under your affiliate account as a player or referrer.
At the discovery of such violation both of accounts will be blocked with no further payments. This also applies to people who personally know the partner.
It is prohibited to use spam to attract clients.
At the detection of traffic coming from unapproved email subscriptions, the account will be blocked with no further payments.
Any activity to deceive affiliate program is prohibited.
At the detection of partner's activity in order to deceit the affiliate program, the account will be blocked with no further payments for the statement period.
It is prohibited to ask for contacts of your players.
We do not share confidential information with any third parties.
It is prohibited to publish inaccurate information.
It is prohbited to publish inaccurate information that is intented to mislead players.
It is prohibited to advertise any websites in your nickname in top webmasters and other publicly accessible websites on the internet.
We are not a marketing platform. Your personal nickname is needed to identify your account and not for advertising purposes.
It is prohibited to advertise your affiliate link in social networks.
It is prohibited to advertise your affiliate link in social networks. You can redirect traffic or use your own landing page. For further information please contact our manager
Offensive actions of webmaster
If a webmaster acts in an offensive way that intentionally discredits reputation of our brands, an affiliation will be one-sidedly terminated.